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Pure Energy Healing

When you want to communicate deeply with yourself healing is a top choice. 

Enjoy the peaceful silence as universal healing energies are channeled in to your body through my hands or in a distant healing session.
As healing is love, only positive benefits occur. 

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Healing can:

Stimulate the body's natural ability to heal

Reset the flow of energy

Resolve energyblocks

Open portals to spiritual growth 

Clean old patterns mönster

Give deep insights about self

Find the deepest root cause to problems and cleanse their energy

Fill the body and energyfield with light and positive energy

Our seven largest chakras

Recieve healing in your safe home.
30 minutes distant healing - 35 EUR

60 minutes distant healing - 65 EUR

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Pure Energy Healing 

I was educated to healer at The Pure Energy Healing Academy and Mark Bajerski who is one of the world's leading healers and spritual teachers. As for me being used to hypnotherapy for many years, my reflection during the course was that healing is another way to wellbeing. The differences between hypnotherapy and healing were fewer than I thought beforehand. What differs mostly is the basic idea that everything is energy and that everything carries energi; traumas, memories, thoughts, feelings, physical and emotional pain.
During a healing session there is no verbal communikation. The wonderful silence is very deeply relaxing, peaceful and calm.

I do not focus on if what I do is called Pure Energy Healing, Reiki Healing, Prana Healing or have some other label. It is just healing.
Healing energy
is love. It is light. It is universal. It is available to all people and animals around the world. There is nothing harmful ever in healing energies. Never ever. 

When you think about things you have experienced you can for sure also feel how every memory is attached to specific feelings out of the same bouquet of feelings. These feelings are energy; positive, neutral or negative. Also, when you remember or experience those feelings it is irrelevant how old the memory is. Energy has no age. Everything is related to energy which not only diffentiates healing from traditional western medicin but also from most people's way of seeing.

Mumbo jumbo or ... 
Many people look at energywork, energyworkers and healing with a frown och an indulgent smile. Often dismissing it as New Age mumbo jumbo only good for a certain clientel. Gladly this trend is at it's turning point, not only the many people have recovered completely from difficult and sometimes lethal illnesses but also people in general.

Plenty of research and clinical studies have been done worldwide and also in Stockholm, Sweden at the Karolinska Institutet. Studies which might be of interest will be presented continously on Inner Image's Facebook page.

You are a healer too
For sure you have felt compassion and empathy for somebody, patted their backs, given a comforting hug or talked calmly to that person. If you are a parent you have probably also put your hand on your child's fevery forehead or blown away the hurt on a scratched knee. That feels soothing. You are the healer. You do those things with the intention that it will feel good for the reciever. Healing isn't more complicated than that.

Everybody benefits from healing 

Every person walking on this earth can benefit from healing even if each individual respond in a unique way. Healing is separated from age, sex and belief. You don't even have to believe that healing works to be able to recieve and enjoy benefits of healing. An open heart and an open mind prepares you for changes that are for your Highest Best. If you have a wish to relax deeply you also prepare for the amazing and sometimes unexpected experiences that can occur during a healing session.

Restore and repare. Heal and soothe.

The obejct for healing is to restore, repare, heal and sooth parts of you that have had it's tough share of life. Restore and repare to the highest degree possible. Even if you come "just for well being", your body, mind and spirit is being restored and repared in all places ment to be. That also feels healing and soothing, doesn't it?

The energy that fills your body finds the right places automaticly. It may sound strange, I think so too, but the amazing thing is - it works!
So just relax, enjoy and recieve.

Life force and channels for energies

It is well known that energy has sources in food, water, air and sun. The fact that energy also flows within us and that we have an intake of those energies in different places in our bodies, is less known. That energy is called life force or life energy. Indian people call it Prana. Easterners name it Qi and Chi. The Western part of the world has denied it's existance because it has not (yet) scientifically been proven to exist (!).

In the body there are many channels for flow e.g. the flow of blood, nervous system, lymph but there are also channels for the flow of life force. These channels are named meridians and have been charted and applied by the Chinese for thousands of years. The meridians are connected to our organs. Along the meridians there are several placeis where the flow of energy is easily accessible. Those are the points that serve as acupuncture points where acupuncure needles are placed.

Energy blocks 

Energy shall flow freely. When it doesn't, it is blocked and we experience that as a symptom or unease in some way. That may be on a physical level, emotional, mental or spiritual level.

When the body has been injured eg. a broken bone or a scar from surgery, energy tend to heap up and "get stuck" and the wound heals more slowly. Energy that is stuck or doesn't flow at it's fullest is called an energy block

As energy is neither tied to time, space nor age, "stuck energy" can have it's root causes from long time ago. Even these kinds of blocks can resolve so that energy will start flowing properly again and you feel in balance. Time is never a limiting factor energywise.

Points of energies - chakras 

On several places in the body there are powerful centers of energy - chakras. Along the spine are our largest and mostly known chakras. There are seven chakras. Chakras are connected to the body's glands and organs linked to that gland.

Chakra means wheel. When a chakra wheel is not rotating or rotates poorly, it's because the energyflow is blocked. A block can have it's origin in grief, trauma, anxiety or any other issue that carry negative energy. So when a chakra, meridian or other energy channel is blocked we are not able to absorb or utilize life force at it's highest potential. That is when we experience some kind of symptom or feeling of unease.

Each of the seven largest chakras have been assigned a specific color: From the base chakra at the end of the spine and upward along the spine: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet/white.

 A chakra "breathes" life force as an exchange of energy takes place there. A chakra looks like a vortex with the narrow end in the body both in the back and front. These large chakras should be in balance with each other. When they are not, this can be corrected by a so called chakra balancing. During a healing session this is included and most of the time comes natural.

Healing - a way to wellbeing

Healing at my practice:

We start with a short talk to set the intentions for the session, after which you lay down on a massage bench with or without a blanket covering your body. Now you can rest and drift away as deeply as you wish while I do the work. We are both silent. The healing session is carried through without conversation, with relaxing music and pleasant aromas in the background.

To me healing is a sacred moment filled with love, compassion and sparkling energies. My hope is that this is experienced by you too.

Healing universal energy is then channeled through me to you by intention and my hands. Sometimes the work is done slightly above and sometimes on your body. You may feel the energy as a heat, cold, tingeling in the palms or nothing special at all but please rest assure that the energy reaches you and works as intended.

The duration of the healing session is 60 minutes which is plenty of time to become deeply relaxed. It is most likely that you drift off in inner experiences. When unprocessed memories are released it might include both laughter, tears and other emotions. It is all natural. Some people fall asleep during the healing. That is perfectly okay.

Afterwards you may share your experiences or keep them for yourself. You choose. I will not ask. 

Effects are both immediate and accumulated. If you have an ongoing issue, several sessions might be needed.

There are things we can not change

In our journey of life there are things we have to go through. Things that happen to us and things we cause others. We face pain, grief, illnesses - sometimes lethal or disabling. Sometimes they can serve as a wakeup call to action or an awakening in some area. Even if life journeys include the free choice there is a bigger picture in everything, as I see ot. Some episodes in life are very challenging when we are in the middle of them but they always give us a beautiful wisdom. A deeper understanding.

Healing is one of the ways to find inner peace at some level whether it is physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. And still, there are things that we are unable to change as it is in the path of somebody's life. We have to keep in mind that there are times when that person diagnosed is more ready for the outcome than that person's family. Even in those cases healing can be of use as it can soothe and install peace in mind. But then again ... there are times that even such states take a magical turn against all odds. Maybe there is a magical turn awaiting You?

 Distant healing (also called distance, absent and remote healing)
Almost everybody has at least once in their life sent healing to somebody. Probably without thinking about it as healing. A good example is when there has been in a tragic accident and people send hearts or write "my thoughts are with you and your family". This is done in the name of Love. With the intention that the reciever shall feel in the best way possible in a difficult situation.

Distant healing is just as efficient as a session where we meet in person. The session can be carried through at a specific time we agree on where we neither see nor hear each other (works best for me) or via a computer screen e.g. Skype

You can choose between a 30 or 60 minutes session. Rates are presented on page "PRISER, BOKA, HITTA" . Distant healingsessions are always payed in advance. We also agree on a time when healing shall be directed. This appointment can be made through mail, text, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.
Healing energy will reach you wherever you are in the world as it is neither limited to time nor space. You will recieve confirmation in your preferred way after the healing.

Energy is not really sent. It is directed through loving intention and it connects to you and your energybody immediately. It is like when we connect by phone and talk but instead we connect energywise. When somebody is on the other side of the planet it is fully possible to charge healing energy with loving intention and direct it to that person in the same manner as it is done in my practice

As energy can be directed everywhere to anybody anytime anywhere it is not dependent on time and space. Therefore it includes the past and the future too. That is why we can resolve issues from a very long time back. Even from past lifes.  

A revolutionary experience

This may be difficult to comprehend. It was for me anyway until the day on the course in Spain when we carried through a real time distant healing on a woman in the UK. We saw each other live on a computerscreen. We closed our eyes and begun. Right after the healing started I suddenly felt a heavy preassure over my heart and I felt very sad and started crying ( I have never cried in front of a client before and luckily she had her eyes closed so she didn’t notice my tears). I opened my eyes and looked at her. Tears were pouring out of her eyes.
There is no doubt in my mind that she felt the healing energies in the exact moment they were beeing directed to her.
There is no doubt in my mind that I picked up her feelings. Through a screen. In another country.
That’s when I understood that this is for real!

In fact, this was one of the most revolutionary and surprising experiences during the whole course. Probably because I had been so sceptic to distant healing and I want proof that things work. I got that proof for sure and plenty moore after the course!

Therefore I am proud to offer distant healing.  

Practical information about distant healing:

After booking and agreed on day and time for the healing to take place and a payment reciept reached me I will contact you for a last check  via text, Messenger or WhatsApp about 10 minutes before your healing.

Prepare yourself by sitting och laying comfortably and make sure you will not be disturbed.
Relax with and open mind and make yourself ready to recieve and enjoy.

As with healing in my practice, you may och may not feel the energies in your hands, arms or body. You might drift of in your own experiences that are emotional. These are clearing and cleansing parts of healing.

Afterwards I will send you a short report.

All healers educated at The Pure Energy Healing Academy for Mark Bajerski, have ethical rules to abide.

Some of them are:

  • No healer can promise that you will be healed.
  • No healer may overrule your doctor
  • No healer is allowed to diagnose

What we can do is to use the power of universe to assist people and animals in need.

Inner Image's general ethical rules also abide.